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PhD Dissertation Chapters Dissertation Data Analysis using SPSS

Dissertation Data Analysis Help

Data analysis chapter of the dissertation follows the research methodology. The data analysis will decide if the hypothesis stated in the previous chapters will be supported or rejected. The analysis will necessarily involve one or more statistical tools and tests, which will suit the objective of the research. The interpretation of data is done in this chapter and it also involves a high degree of data management. All this can be facilitated by opting for Dissertation Data Analysis Help.

The data that is collected needs to be arranged properly and any gaps in data must be found. The arrangement must be done cautiously, as even a single digit written wrongly will cause faulty results. The data can be qualitative or quantitative, depending on the research methodology that is being followed. Quantitative data refers to data collected from a large group and represented in figures. On the other hand, qualitative data is descriptive and subjective. It is mostly collected through interview sessions as well as personal observation. The representation of qualitative data is in text format. The data analysis chapter interprets both the qualitative and quantitative data. At Dissertation Support, we ensure to offer our clients with the best dissertation writing assistance ranging from literature review, data analysis to creating the results and discussions chapter.

The measurement scales adopted for analysis can be ratio, ordinal, nominal, interval or binary. The selection of a scale will depend on the nature of the analysis. For the various scales, there are many tests that must be chosen from after consideration of the aspect that is being studied. Statistical tests are done nowadays with the help of specialised software. SPSS is the most common software used for academic research purpose. SPSS means statistical package for social sciences; however, it is applied for many other subjects also, apart from social sciences. The scope of SPSS is wide, and the notable tests that can be applied under SPSS are T-test, median test, binomial test, Chi-square test, logical regression, ANOVA and Mann Whitney test. The modules under these tests provide the desired results, and the inferences should be put down with clarity at the end of the data analysis chapter. The professionals who provide Dissertation Data Analysis Help are well versed in all these tests and assist you dedicatedly. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and place an order for the finest dissertation data analysis assistance at an affordable price.