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PhD Dissertation Chapters Dissertation Discussions Chapter Writing

Results and Discussions Chapter Writing

Discussions of the results of a dissertation are as significant as the data analysis and research design and utmost care should be taken to present it in a rightful way. The discussions chapter can either appear with the results chapter or separately, depending upon the structure of the dissertation. Soundness of the research is to be determined in the chapter on discussion. The research outcome should have a large appeal and the purpose is rightfully fulfilled in the discussion chapter. Aiming a wide range of readers, the chapter must be written in a lucid language, making it convenient for a laymen also to understand it. In addition to offering dissertation research methodology writing help and literature review writing services, it is ensured that the service has a global reach.

There are three parts of a dissertation discussions chapter. The first part relates to the results of a research, which must be given briefly, even if stated previously. This chapter will explain the results in a comprehensible format, which is easy to follow. The results must discuss the data from which they have been determined, the tools that have led to the results, and the tests that prove the reliability and validity of the results. Next, the scholar must discuss the application of the results. A research is deemed to be valuable only when it is applied for improvement of functioning of the targeted field, or enhances the knowledge bank.

The second part is a discussion of the problems and challenges that a scholar faced while completing the research. This section holds its own significance as it helps the future researchers to avoid the same pitfalls as faced by the present scholars and get guidance in the right direction. If possible, the scholar must also give the solutions to the problems stated above. Lastly, comes the part concerning the future scope of research on the topic. The discussions chapter paves way for further research and proposes methods in which the same can be undertaken. It is advised that a researcher discusses the implications of research with a peer or supervisor before writing the dissertation discussions chapter.

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