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Dissertation Literature Chapter Writing Services

Literature review is the chapter where the researcher connects the past and the present, in terms of the work done in a field of study and the findings that have been generated. This is a significantly important chapter of every dissertation and must be of a sufficient word length. When being written for a proposal, or assignment, however, the literature review will be brief. It is essentially, an appraisal of the previous researcher’s work which can be taken as reference in the current work. A researcher must be successful in finding the research gaps and tell the readers how the research is going to fill those gaps through the findings.

The purpose of writing the literature review is to establish a relation between the previous works and the dissertation being written. It must clearly reflect the relevance of a chosen reference for the present research. Whether a work supports, or opposes the research will also be clarified by conducting an effective literature review session. By reading the literature review th reader should get an idea about the background work done in the subject of the research. Within the research, it is possible to focus on separate topics and examine the references in context of the topics, as to how much attention has been paid to it and what aspects need further focus. The literature Review helps to define the scope of research. If there is too much that has already been written and no new facet is left to be explored, the scope of research becomes restricted.

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There are various ways in which the references can be arranged in the literature review. One method is chronological, which means the arrangement of references is done according to their date of publication. If the work is not published, then the date of creation must be taken into account. Another method is thematic, where the references that relate to a topic are grouped together and analysed. It is imperative to observe the correct citation style for a literature review and the format that is prescribed by the university will be essential to follow. Place your order today for getting the best assistance on creating the Literature Review chapter of the dissertation.