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PhD Dissertation Chapters Research Methodology Writing Service

Research Methodology Writing Service

Research methodology chapter of a dissertation is one of the most essential parts of the research. This chapter defines the methodology that is selected for research, as the name suggests. It includes the research design and involves a lot of decision making. This makes it highly advisable for a first time researcher to take some guidance for writing this chapter. After doing the literature review, the scholar might find it all the more challenging to get into the analytical mode and prepare an appropriate research design.

The research methodology chapter will determine the research method, which can be either qualitative or quantitative. This will depend upon the subject area and aim of the research. The target group that is chosen for collection of data and the method adopted for the same are also defined. The range of the sample varies from a single observation group to hundreds of people. The best size of the sample group must be decided after consideration of the research objectives and the population that is related to the subject. The tools of data collection are also varied and can be either subjective or objective. Accordingly, a researcher will design a questionnaire or an interview sheet. Telephonic interviews, personal interview, sending questionnaires by e-mail and sample surveys are the most popular ways of data collection.

Once this is done, the chapter will define the tools of data analysis. There are various statistical tools that can be applied for analysis of data, and the choice of the most suitable tools and tests will depend upon the methodology chosen, and the results wanted. The research methodology focuses on research questions, as well. These questions are essentially the aims of the research, since they must be answered to achieve the final target.

The chapter is written even when preparing a proposal for dissertation. Accurate preparation of the research methodology in the proposal stage gives a direction to the research and relieves the scholar of the pressure of taking vital decisions when writing a detailed dissertation. Go ahead and place your order for the finest Research Methodology assistance that can put life into your dissertation.